Machining Group

Who we are

We are a group of production companies that specialize in works in the field of metal processing.

Wielkie koncerny

We implement them both for large corporations (eg ABB, Schneider Electric) and for medium and smaller companies requiring high-quality components for their products.

Welding and sandblasting

Our clients choose us not only because of the quality, flexibility, creativity in overcoming implementation challenges and many years of experience, but also because of our long-term relationships with partners offering complementary services, the work of which we coordinate.

Welding and sandblasting

Where we operate

Our common feature is the location in the south of Silesia. We do our best to fit in with the technical traditions of this region.


For many years, our clients also include companies from outside Poland who appreciate the fact that our teams include technologists and engineers who are eager to share their know-how in the field of metalworking and related works.